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Going to your first ACA meeting is a big step in recovering from the affects of family addiction or dysfunction.  Get to a meeting!  Click on the links below to find a meeting in your area.  The first list is updated monthly, so the information is as accurate as possible.

Please print a stack of this meeting list and take it to your meeting.  Send your meeting updates to intergroup [at]

What to expect at your first meeting:
While each meeting is unique in its own right, most are similar in their basic structure.   You’ll typically find groups that range in size from 2 to 40 ACA’s.  Some have years in recovery, some will be newcomers, and everything in between.  The meetings generally last between 60 to 90 minutes.   Most commonly a group will read from the ACA Red Book for a period of time, and then voluntary sharing begins.  We typically talk about our experience, strength and hope.  It’s common to experience feelings, and it’s okay to express them.  These are safe places, and you will not be judged.

While others are sharing, we don’t talk or interrupt.  We listen, and then when it’s our turn to share, we expect the same of those listening.   We believe you will find your first meeting to be safe, loving, caring, and non-judgmental.  Remember you are with people who came from similar environments and share your personality characteristics.  You are not alone.

Try different meetings, until you find one that feels right to you.


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