Anne N’s – Yoga Nidra

Anne N’s – Yoga Nidra 2016-07-10T10:44:59+00:00


Class description: Gentle movement and explanation of how to find yoga classes for PTSD, reconnect to your body with your loving parent and help heal yourself physically and emotionally through 30 minute guided meditation. Release accumulated tension and deep seated patterns no longer needed,  learn to act instead of react, learn to listen to your inner voice and restore your connection to your higher power that is always present.  Great preparation for a good night’s sleep and for those seeking to develop a meditation practice.

What Is Yoga Nidra?
This relaxation/meditation technique originated in India, but, like most modern yoga, has been modified and Westernized to suit the needs of contemporary students. Further refined for ACAs to incorporate 11th step work.

When the class is over, make your way to our amazing campfire event.