What to bring to the retreat

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You decide how much or how little you want to bring, but there are some basics that are must haves.

Must haves:
Bedding – Each bunk bed is equipped with a vinyl wrapped 4 inch foam mattress.  You provide your own pillow, sheets, blankets and or sleeping bags.
Towels – For showering and or to use in place of a yoga mat.
Toiletries – A small bottle of shampoo, toothpaste and brush, and the other stuff you need.  The camp provides liquid soap in a dispenser, so you decide if you need more than that. Don’t worry if you forget anything. Others will share.
Food – The camp provides all meals.  If you require anything out of the ordinary, you can bring it from home, or buy it in downtown Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood or Camp Verde.
Medicine – You determine if any of your meds require adjustments for 7600 ft. elevation.
Clothing – Temperatures typically range from 50 to 90 degrees.  Prepare for the chance of rain.  Look at the pictures for ideas.
Recovery mentality – An open mind, a willingness to grow, and a great attitude
Service mentality – Let us know if you have any special skills, or be prepared to help in some small way if you are physically able.
If you only show up with the closes on your back, you’ll be fine.

Nice to have:
A portable camping style chair for siting on the porch, events in the field, use around the campfire, or events where chairs are in big demand.  If you have one, bring it.  If you have more than one  it’s a good way to make new friends.
Hiking shoes or any old shoes that will get you down a hiking trail
Spiral notebook for journaling
A candle and lighter for the candlelight meetings (or electric candle).  We provide candles or you can bring your own.woodstock
Yoga mat, Persian rug, chair or towel for agenda activities
Hat and sunscreen
Picnic blanket for events in the meadow
Snacks for you or to share – Popcorn, Smore material, granola bars, chips,  etc..
Bottled water to drink while you are in workshops, walking around camp, hiking, and other events.
Sporting equipment
Acoustical instruments for jam session
A golf cart for getting around the camp or helping those with disabilities get around
Ear plugs to cover the occasional snorer
A tent

If you have a few extra dollars and want to share, consider bringing a case of water, your favorite blend of coffee or your Keurig machine (your significant other may not notice it’s missing on Saturday morning when they reach for their cup), treats or snacks, an extra lawn chair, or anything else you think might improve the experience for you and others.

No pets, guns, alcohol or loud motorcycles (bring your hog, but idle thru the camp)

We take pictures for the website, but faces will be obscured to protect anonymity. Those pictures help future ACA’s get a better idea of what the retreat is all about.  That makes them less apprehensive about joining us.

There are large retailers in downtown Prescott where you can buy anything you need.

If you have any additional questions, send us a note to retreat[at]aca-arizona.org

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