What is an IR?

What is an IR? 2017-10-09T16:48:33+00:00

An IR is an Intergroup Representative.  Now that you know what Intergroup does, you may appreciate that it is by members and for members. Since Arizona Intergroup is yours, go ahead and take ownership, and facilitate Intergroup and your meetings to be healthier and more productive. Below are some items listed to help you understand better the IR’s role:

  • Regularly attend the quarterly Intergroup meetings
  • Gather information about the Intergroup and WSO, and share with your meeting
  • Oversight and feedback of operations
  • Serve on committees, such as the ACA Mingus Mountain Retreat, events, the website, etc.
  • Recruitment of the volunteers, and other Intergroup attendees
  • Bring needs of your group with solutions
  • Serve on outreach programs
  • Host speaker meetings for other meetings
  • Organize from your group an on-site or off-site service day for Intergroup
  • Organize a social day or evening fundraiser for Intergroup
  • Explore other groups
  • Communicate ideas and suggestions with your meeting and Intergroup
  • Support the Retreat at your home group
  • Encourage your meeting to support Intergroup and the WSO


  • Cannot represent more than one meeting
  • Must be in ACA
  • Be able to communicate in a healthy manner