Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Scavenger Hunt Instructions 2016-07-09T07:23:39+00:00

The ACA Retreat scavenger hunt is a tool to help those who are there for the weekend get familiar with the camp.  It also helps you relax and meet new people.   What we do is take certain items, like stuffed animals, and place them in location around the camp.   The map we give you upon arrival shows the general location of each item.   To make it a little challenging, our volunteers hide the items so that they require a little effort to find.  This process acquaints you with the camp, restroom locations, and various meeting facilities. Once you find an item, you will notice a string tied to a colored pen which is tied to the item you are hunting for (i.e. stuffed animal).  Use that pen to fill in the outline of that item on the map.  A different color pen for each location. Once you have found all 6 items (or close to it) and filled in the map, you return the colored map to that event coordinator for a ticket.  That ticket will be used to draw prizes at dinner or orientation.

If you arrive after 5pm, or have physical limitations that prevent you from making your way around camp, ask the game coordinator for a ticket to the drawing.

Attached is the map from last year.