Sara G.

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Sara- Meditation and Yoga

Sara RYT 500 found ACA in September 2016 and realized what invaluable tools yoga and meditation were to her recovery. As dedicated practitioner she found new depth to the exploration of self through the 12 steps and is excited to share breath techniques, meditative movements and guided visualizations that help bring balance to everyday life far beyond the four corners of the mat. 
Free Flow
Free up your joints, heart and mind in this fluid vinyasa flow. Incorporating a series of dynamic movements linked with breath to mobilize the spine,  energize the body and connect to inner peace.  All levels welcome. 
Morning meditation
Explore a series of gentle movements to warm the body and prepare for seated meditation followed by breathing techniques to focus concentration and guided visualization. 
Saturday: Sweet surrender-
Meditation practice focusing on letting go of attachment. Intention setting with willingness to release old thoughts, patterns and ways of thinking that no longer serve our highest good and and open to inner wisdom and guidance. 
Sunday: Open your heart ❤️ breath work and guided meditation with  focus on balancing the heart chakra.