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 Retreat Testimonials

Read about what others have to say about their experience at the ACA Mingus Mountain Retreat:

At my first ACA meeting, I was told about the Mingus Mountain Retreat. I needed fellowship, recovery, a retreat from city life, and a connection to nature and my Higher Power. Mingus felt like the perfect answer. A few days later, I was on the road. I was intimidated, unsure, and a little scared about what emotions might come up. I attended my second ACA meeting amongst a large group of beautiful strangers at Mingus Mountain. The dynamic amongst the group and the breathtaking surrounding area were ideal for experiencing emotional release in the safest place I could have imagined! I’ve never made such cherished friends so immediately and I’ve never had so much healing in such a short amount of time. Not coming back to Mingus Mountain again this year is an absurd thought to me now; I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Katie L (2012)

I found the Mingus Mountain ACA retreat a very positive step in my recovery.  I met people from other Arizona meetings who I connected deeply with. Since much of my recovery is to avoid isolating and trusting my Higher power to guide me, I am grateful that I found ways to connect with people at the retreat. We hiked, played games and laughed a lot, it was not just talking. My heart was grateful for the opportunity and I want to thank everyone who worked to create it.  AN (2012)

I’m one of those folks that had a lot of fear around going to this retreat.  I’m not a fan of group events or committing to a weekend with people that I really don’t know.  So, I reluctantly decided to go to support the event.   Wow, was I surprised.  The scenic camp setting at 7000 ft. elevation, was beautiful and the weather was incredible.   I had heard that the food was good, but that was an understatement.  I could have spent the entire weekend cooking and never created home cooked food that equaled what we were served 3 times per day.   There were just enough events to keep us busy, and we were encouraged to spend as much or as little time attending recovery meetings as we were comfortable with.  The schedule was very flexible.  No shame if you didn’t feel like participating in every event.  Some of us woke up early and the night owls were comfortably able to sleep in.   This camper can’t say enough good things about this event, and I’ll guarantee I’ll be up there next year.   I’m not sure what 2013 will cost, but you can bet it will cost you that much money just to stay home in the sweltering summer heat.   JV (2012)

Each year I attend I’m blessed in some ways and challenged in others. But that’s life. And hear I get to learn how to work my program more effectively. (2017)

Such a beautiful and powerful event. For ACA’s to have fun at a camp – who knew? (2017)

Good place to reinvigorate my recovery and to make connections with other travelers (2017)

I’m kind of shy making new friends, so was reluctant in committing to attending the retreat. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! First of all, when you approach the camp, the greenery, pond with gently grazing cows and tall forest pine trees that surround it are so magnificent, that it almost seems like you are entering a different world…and you are, the gentle, yet powerful and loving world of recovery.

The schedule was loose, but with enough events to keep you busy and the food was stupendous! It was served family style so that each table had about 10 people you got to know and share some time with. The meetings were wonderful and I enjoyed all the different folk, which for a brief time became my recovery kith and kin for the weekend.  AB (2012)

After losing a job and experiencing five years of confusion and self-abuse over getting into a marriage with an alcoholic, my life had reached a crisis point.  It was through ACA that I began to learn that I could be part of the solution.  I attended between 8-10 ACA meetings and began reading the first chapters of the Big Red Book. With this new awareness, I realized I needed an ACA immersion.  I traveled over 1,000 miles to attend this retreat and I got out of it everything I was hoping for.  The environment at the camp is conducive to spiritual growth and the people gathered take care to help each other along the path.

Two months after the event, I know better how to make space in my life to care for myself and make decisions for my well-being. I am gainfully employed once again. I have tools to use when I find I’m stuck in fear and approval seeking mode. These are some of the things I learned atop Mingus Mountain. MS (2012)

I remember my first retreat experience helped me turn the corner in my recovery.  I was in my fifth month of ACA recovery and someone from the retreat committee visited my meeting and passed out flyers to the 10th Annual Mingus Mountain Retreat.  I thought about going and in my usual manner, said “It doesn’t matter”.  I discovered later in my recovery that “It doesn’t matter” means “I don’t matter”.  I met with my sponsor later that week and told him about the retreat and he told me, “You need to go, this is your opportunity for some real growth”.

I signed up for the retreat and arranged for someone from the retreat to drive me up there since I did not have a dependable car.  Sam picked me up and we arrived at the retreat.

The first day, I was apprehensive and not so sure of what I had signed up for. The next morning, I felt a little sick to my stomach because of my own ‘Stinking Thinking’.  The second day, I was in the Men’s Focus Group which I listened to the other guys share their pain of the past and what has changed for them.  Then I heard someone share their story.  “Wow, his story was my story”   I started to bawl my head off for about 10 minutes.  I had not cried in about 20 years.  This was the first time it felt safe for me to cry in my life.

The rest of the retreat, I really started to identify and come out of my shell.  I finally felt I really belong.  I engaged in the activities, enjoyed the hiking, and enjoyed everything the retreat had to offer.  I did not want to leave.  Eighteen years later, not only have I attended the retreat each year, I have served on the retreat committee in capacity from passing out flyers to chairing the retreat.  DB (2012)

 Retreat Testimonials