Meeting – Intergroup Affiliation Process

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There are no dues or fees to join Intergroup.  We join to support ACA, and to ensure the program is here for future generations.   It helps to remember that we are only here because of the service-work of those who came before us.

The ACA World Services Organization (WSO) provides two methods for informing the WSO of changes to your meeting.  Affiliating your meeting with an Intergroup is one of those changes addressed in that form.   Method # 1 is via the on-line meeting re-registration form at the WSO website.  Here is that link.   Method # 2, is to complete the form (link highlighted below), and mail it to the address in the top right corner of that form.   You can use this form to affiliate your meeting with the Arizona Intergroup or to update your meeting information for the WSO website.  Either method will require your WSO meeting number, and the Arizona Intergroup number (IG#009).   Your meeting number can be found by clicking on the second link below.


Intergroup Affiliation Form.pdf

Find your WSO meeting number here

Arizona Intergroup number is IG#009


“If nobody was doing any service work, the ACA program would simply cease to exist. Without the service work of those who came before us, none of us would be here now”. – Arizona Intergroup



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