Experiential Workshops for the 2017 ACA Arizona Retreat

Experiential Workshops for the 2017 ACA Arizona Retreat 2017-08-07T19:25:30+00:00


Build a Loving / Healthy Parent

Description: The purpose of this workshop is to explore the elements that make up a loving healthy parent and allow participants to explore and create their own unique loving parent through a combination of art and words.

Facilitators: Sumer A. and Christine B.


Higher Power Walking

Description: As “Power walking” is known to help physical recovery, “Higher Power” walking is intended to help with spiritual and emotional recovery. In this workshop, attendees will be paired up to walk with somebody else, to take turns sharing on recovery related topics or “conscious contact” with a Higher Power, followed by immediate periods of silent reflection and meditation. Attendees will be directed to focus their sharing on “big talk vs. small talk” and each share will be followed by approximately 30 seconds of silent meditation and reflection by both parties. This silent reflection allows each attendee to focus on “active listening” and holding a space for the other person to be heard, without thinking about how to respond. Attendees will also be encouraged not to comment on the other person’s share, beyond saying “thank you for sharing.”

Facilitators: Christine B. + 1


Creative Art Journaling

Megan C. Journal Art

Description:  The purpose of this workshop is to: a) introduce creative journaling techniques and ideas to a wide range of artistic skill levels, and b) experience “letting go” by creating an intentional art piece while using child-like imagination with roller ink pens, highlighters, markers, crayons, and white computer paper (or larger art paper). The goal is to introduce a creative way to use everyday materials into a regular journaling practice, and aid with some journaling tools that can be used throughout the rest of the retreat. Additionally, this workshop will encourage inner child artwork with some creative exercise, creative thinking, color, imagination, non-dominant hand writing (optional), and a “present moment” creative process that develops into a journal art piece. Finally, students can display or share their art.

Facilitator: Megan C.A.