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Note the separate instructions for different arrival times and day passes vs weekend passes.  Please read carefully and read it again the day before the event. If at all possible, take Friday off and join us on the mountain as soon as possible.

For volunteers who can help us set-up and prepare:
Be at the camp anytime from 10am to 11am.  Please don’t show up early unless you are prepared to help us get the camp organized.  We need to set-up camp before we set-up our quarters. There are a lot of little tasks that require volunteers.  Go directly to the registration table and just ask what you can help with.  We need to hang banners, set up tables, layout the name badges, set up the scavenger hunt, set up sound systems, distribute fruit and vegetable trays, work the registration table, greet guests, make and hang signs, etc., etc.   You can click here to volunteer for a variety of tasks.

For campers that arrive between noon at 6pm on Friday:

First stop is the registration table at the pavilion on your left.  Go see one of the friendly ACA’s at the table and tell them you are checking in.  At check-in you will receive your name badge, lodging downloadinstructions, and a package containing a camp layout, note paper, itinerary, and instructions for the scavenger hunt.   The scavenger hunt is used to help you get acquainted with the camp, and have fun doing it.   You don’t have to participate, but we give away some fun prizes at dinner to those who turn in their attempt at a completed scavenger sheet and exchange it for a raffle ticket.  If you can’t make your way around the camp for that game due to physical constraints, no problem, ask us for a raffle ticket anyway.  Those tickets will be used to draw prizes at dinner.  Before you start the scavenger hunt, take your luggage to your cabin / tent and then move your car to the parking lot at the entrance to the camp.  Please don’t try to switch bunks without asking your neighbor first.  Bunks are assigned in order of payment receipt date, and then based on registration form requests.

If you are using a tent or camper:  It probably makes sense to locate your camp site and set up camp after registration and before the scavenger hunt.  Please position your camp site so that there is room for others if necessary.

The itinerary will remind you that dinner is at 6pm in the dining hall (bring your raffle ticket), and orientation is right after dinner in La Pointe Hall.  Dinner is served family style, and to ensure a smooth flow, we wait for our hosts to explain the serving process before we go to the salad bar.

Suggestion:  Get to the camp early so you can settle in, meet a few people and let any butterflies subside.

For campers that arrive after 6pm on Friday:
The camp opens at noon and activities begin shortly after.  We encourage you to show up as early as you can, or whenever your schedule permits you to show up.  That said, dinner is served at 6:00pm sharp.  They don’t wait for us.   If you arrive after 6:00pm and before 7:30pm, go directly to the dining hall.  It’s the biggest single story building on the far end of the camp.  Find a place at a table and help yourself.  If you arrive after 7pm, there is no guarantee that you will be served.  We have no control over dinner service, because they plan and price it for one-time service.  The entire kitchen crew is made up of 5 people to serve 170 ACA’s.  Go directly to the dining hall with a big smile and hope for the best.  We will also have fruits and vegetables in the lodges for snacking 24/7.  You may want to grab a bite to eat in Prescott prior to arriving at the camp.  After dinner, look for someone with a colored badge to get your name badge, and cabin assignment.  The event leaders may be in the dining hall or in La Pointe Hall depending in the schedule. You can then go set up your bed/tent or go to orientation in the big two story building (second floor).    If you have questions look for anyone wearing a yellow name badge or ask for one of the event leaders.

For Saturday day passes visitors:
Arrive any time after 8:00am.   Park your car in the parking area off the road at the entrance of the camp. If you have a disability, drive into camp and find a spot anywhere you can. First stop is the Pavilion on your left just past the camp entrance.. If there is an event at the pavilion, please be very quiet.  Find your name badge on the table if nobody is there to greet you. Find the registration list and put an “X” next to your name letting us know you have arrived. Grab a folder and a pen. The folder contains a map of the camp, an itinerary and some paper to write on. Walk around and get familiar with the camp.   Find fresh coffee in the dining hall.  If you have any questions, look for someone wearing a yellow badge or ask for one of the retreat leaders.   As you know, your pass purchase includes lunch and dinner.  You are welcome to stay at the camp as late as you like. Please make sure you are wearing your badge at all times.  Lunch and dinner are served family style, and to ensure a smooth flow, we wait for our hosts to explain the serving process before we go to the salad bar.

Note: Remember we are all ACA’s and any panic or fear you may be experiencing is probably being experienced by many others.  You are not alone.   There are many people at this event that don’t know anyone.   We may be one of those people, but let’s reach out and help make everyone feel welcome.  We are in this together to work through the laundry list.   It’s going to be fun and productive. Wear your name badge at all times. Have a wonderful retreat experience!

Yours in service,

The ACA Arizona Intergroup – Retreat Committee

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